European Utility Arborist (EU-ARB)

European Utility Arborist (EU-ARB)

The EU-ARB project has been designed to the meet the needs of arborists involved within high risk UA activities particularly within energy sectors of industry responsible for vegetation/tree management. Recent European & UK statistics indicate a rising workplace fatality rate associated with hazardous work undertaken by arborists. Previous project partner research also reported related health & safety concerns within this sector & developed a framework for common European VET competence standards. These standards can be adapted & developed further for use within the Utility Arboriculture (UA) occupations. At the same time this project aims to facilitate best practice & high quality instruction amongst VET providers & skills trainers of UA courses across Europe & beyond, exchanging knowledge, training innovations & expertise in the process leading to safer trained arborists.

Badalona. Spain. 2019

Hong Kong. China. 2019

Crawley. UK. 2019

Ogre. Latvia. 2019

Donegal. Ireland. 2019

Brno. Czech Republic. 2018

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